A collection of fanart for CANARY, Ame no Machi (Rainy Town) and the characters involved in them! ❤

CANARY (c) kuroko // Ame no Machi (Rainy Town) is a collective project.

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Comics in pen are not things I am able to do oh well I p much gave up entirely
Ozone has the weirdest brain. Alternatively titled: Fly sachiko, fly

I don’t even know so dont ask
here have Kitty!Xeroro

Why is this person holding your hand? It can’t be because he likes you, can it? No, that’s just silly. He’s probably just doing it because he knows you’ll just get lost like the useless kid you are, right? Yeah, that makes more sense…

Xero and Teresa's Teru~ I have so many feels for this ship i can't even red and green are complimentary colours ehEHEE
by jazzii64

laughs into the sunset

i made a crappy zero-tan for kuo-kun. im experimenting w b/w.